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As we grow, the world around us grows. Every moment is an opportunity to love and grow. 

Through visual communication, data visualization, user experience, and illustration, I combine consciousness, spirituality, and brainwaves in correlation to technology to create immersive digital experiences. I use light, sound, and environments to be used to amplify endorphin brainwave frequencies in the viewer. The design work merges the areas of traditional fine art and technology-driven experience design with science and spirit. As we grow, the world around us grows. Every moment is an opportunity to love and grow. Through universal spirituality, I create art and design that integrates scientific and spiritual truth. I explore creating innovative and exciting user-centered design experiences, methods, and strategies that involve user interface, user experience, and fine art. I quiet my mind, keep my heart open, and become more grounded in my innermost presence. Humanity and the planet are going through a profound and powerful spiritual metamorphosis (the 5th dimension) individually and collectively, and the consciousness of humankind is becoming more self-aware and expanding exponentially. As a Spiritualist and medium, I have found that we are all going through a profound and powerful spiritual metamorphosis. Humanity's consciousness is expanding exponentially and currently moving into a fifth-dimension, one of the galactic proportions. The Buddhist Metta (Lovingkindness) belief begins by blessing oneself and gradually expands outward from there, eventually wishing good intentions for the entire world and all beings. Changing the world means changing you and the world will change. When we change ourselves we change the world. Quantum physics has shown that everything in the universe vibrates and resonates with a unique frequency. Science tells us that we live in a virtual sea of invisible fields of influence that impact our daily lives in profound ways, yet we typically have little or no conscious awareness. The Schumann Effect influences our brain waves, and the electromagnetic resonant frequencies around us can influence our bodies, and humans can affect the Earth's geomagnetic field through collective intent. User experience contains a visual design and a user's environment, circumstances, and a variety of an individual's senses. Design and art can be functional to create beautiful experiences that improve people's lives. I explore creating innovative and design experiences, methods, and strategies.

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