"In My Shoes"

May 2020

M.A. in Visual Communications by Heather Ford

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Looking Good Exhibition

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My artworks “Marginalized Gender Identities” and "Beauty in All Genders" were selected to exhibit at the "Looking Good Exhibition". The exhibition invited designers and artists to submit works that examine the idea of “Looking Good”. 


Florida Atlantic University

MetroLab Gallery


Ronald McDonald House Juried Collection  

Peoria, IL

My artwork “They Bring Hope” was selected to be displayed at the 2019 Peoria Ronald McDonald House Art Gala and has been included in the art collection of the Peoria Ronald McDonald House family suites.

Ronald McDonald House Permanent Collection


Giving Hand Sculpture 

Peoria Big Picture Street Festival

During the 2019 Big Picture Festival, I created a hand sculpture with help from members of the Peoria community with non-perishable food donations to the Peoria Area Food Bank. The sculpture's form and the base were created before the event. On the day of the festival, I worked with the Peoria Area Food Bank team and members of the community to place the donated goods into the sculpture. The sculpture developed a sense of pride and provided needs to the people of Peoria.

Peoria Big Picture Street Festival

Oct 12th 10am-4pm

Pressing for Change

Peoria Print Club


The exhibit, Pressing for Change, features works that express compassionate, ethical, and humane social values. Art at the exhibit is a series of broadside prints from July 15-Aug 26th at the United Methodist Church in Peoria, IL. The exhibit displays concerns for growth, change, and a shift towards progressive values. Heather Ford has 7 works shown in the exhibit. 


First United Methodist Church – Peoria
Exhibition: June 15 – August 26, 2018
Reception: August 3, 2018 7pm

Keys of Hope

Installation Ribbon Cutting


I installed a new artwork at the South Side Office of Concern in Peoria, IL. Each key that will be placed on the piece represents the people housed with SSOC each year. Those that have been housed with SSOC will be finishing attaching all the keys in the coming two weeks to celebrate their own growth.


South Side Office of Concern

202 Madison Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61602
Ribbon Cutting: Nov. 9th 1:30pm


Empathy Driven Art Gives Voice to Our Homeless


An exhibition of art and design from Bradley University advanced students

Madron Gallery – Chicago
Exhibition: June 1 – 8, 2018
Reception: June 7, 2018 5:30-8:00pm



Empathy Driven Art Gives Voice to Our Homeless


Peoria, Illinois: An installation focused on providing a voice for the Peoria homeless by artist Heather Ford-Kodrick will be open to the public at the Peoria Public Library on Monroe Street, May 1st through 31st. This human-centered, fine art interactive exhibit invites the entire community to explore and share what they need and how they can help through anonymous writing, drawing, and reading. “I believe art can be useful as well as beautiful. This installation came from my work with the South Side Office of Concern and meeting our community of homeless, struggling individuals. I wanted to give them a place to be heard, without having to face looks of pity, apathy or ignorance. I hope this interactive exhibit begins to unite those that need help and those that choose to help.” says Ford-Kodrick of her work. Through digital painting, drawing, animation, and participation, this exhibit challenges the audience to face the needs in their community without blame or discrimination; it provides honest ways to communicate hardships and the space for those more fortunate to help.

Peoria Fine Art Fair one of the Selected Artists

September 23-24, 2017

Ear in the Envelope Inc. 

820 SW Adams Street, Peoria, 61602

April 7, 2017 5-9pm

Gallery Cafe

1760 W North Ave Chicago IL 60622 US


November 18th, 2016 7pm

Disconcerning Grace


Speak Easy Art Center

353 Court St. Pekin, IL 61554


August 1-31st, 2016

Books and Articles


"26 Lessons in Being Good"

My broadside letterpress works are published in this book alongside other amazing artists to promote compassionate and humane social values. It began just after the 2016 election in a time when these values seemed on the wane in public life. It was completed under the Coronavirus lock-down of 2020. The images were created as a series of limited-edition broadside prints. They follow the form of what is sometimes termed an “abecedarian,” a series of short mnemonic phrases and images associated with letters of the alphabet. In making the 26 selections we strove to give a positive message and to remind ourselves and others of the fundamental values that are indicative of a truly great America.

Proceeds of the sale of this book will go to the purchase of equipment and material from the Prairie Center.


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Peoria Journal Star Article 

"Art at Peoria Public Library gives homeless a voice"


Read Article

Artist Interview


UK Magazine View Article

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